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At Dumas Software Services our priority is to help you take advantage of new technology without breaking the bank! With our help, your IT systems can live up to your expectations and meet your business objectives. We draw on our knowledge and insight, based on many years of experience, to create low risk, cost effective technical solutions.

Our specialties include Legacy Modernization, Mainframe Migration, Systems Integration, and Custom Software Solutions.

Legacy Modernization

You have options! You don’t have to choose between your reliable legacy system and the modern technology that your business demands. Dumas Software can help you plan a path forward that bridges the gap between the old and the new in a smooth, cost effective way. Dumas Software has led several high profile, enterprise level Legacy Modernization Projects for national and international clients. Our custom, incremental approach allows you to leverage existing software investments and embrace innovation, while avoiding the risk and disruption of other Modernization strategies.

Mainframe Migration

Dumas Software speaks mainframe! Our team has the expertise to successfully analyze your mainframe system and migrate it to the Cloud or other distributed platform. We have in-depth experience developing and supporting systems on both sides of the transformation.

We understand older mainframe data formats, utilities, job control language (JCL) and mainframe source code management. Therefore, we can translate all the capabilities of your old system into modern equivalents, without missing important requirements and features. We have re-engineered COBOL code to .Net. We are experienced in mainframe DB2, flat files (FB and VB,) GDG‘s and mainframe tape archive files. We can successfully map all forms of Legacy data into standard relational database tables on distributed platforms.

Systems Integration

In alignment with your overall Modernization strategy, Dumas Software can provide quick solutions that show immediate benefit, by integrating your legacy applications with Web technology. We put fresh faces on mainframe systems, allowing your core business system to continue doing its job while employees enjoy access through modern, easy-to-use screens and mobile devices.

Using features now inherent in IBM CICS, or other third party tools, mainframe systems can interoperate with Web Services. Browser based screens, interactive email links and mobile devices are easily supported, while you leverage the business rules and reliability of the legacy system. This allows you to make a quick and dramatic impact on customer satisfaction and productivity, with minimal cost and risk.

In addition to Mainframe Integration, Dumas Software has used a service-oriented architecture to bring together client server Oracle systems, SQL Server systems and AS400 technology. Distinct applications on disparate platforms can be blended into one seamless look and feel.

Smart integration is possible – let us show you how!

Custom Software Solutions

Often there is no commercial off the shelf software product that meets your unique requirements. Whether your business needs modernization, interfaces between disparate systems, or new functions to enhance an existing system, Dumas Software brings decades of experience, knowledge and insight to the table.

Although each challenge is unique, Dumas has found that all Custom Software Solutions require a solid foundation, or framework. Over the years, we have developed and refined an application framework based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), n-tiered design that contains core components of our .Net Web solutions. This framework provides our clients with a stable and extremely scalable foundation and allows for rapid development of customized Web solutions.

This Web framework has been successfully deployed at large enterprises to:
  • Seamlessly interface systems on different platforms e.g. Mainframe, client server, AS400
  • Enable intuitive data search and discovery for analyzing millions of records
  • Integrate images with inventory management systems
  • Provide self-service request systems with email integration
  • Implement custom workflows and purchase approval processes

Clients have seen reduced costs in employee training, and substantial increases in efficiency of core business processes.

Security is always top priority at Dumas, and all of our custom solutions implement rigorous security standards, including role-based security, by function and data field, authentication with Active Directory integration, user activity logging and auditing reports, system monitoring and health alerts, and encryption of all sensitive personally identifiable information (PII).

Dedicated to Improving the Customer Experience
The Dumas Web framework has all the features required for enterprise grade software, including:
  • Browser based, device agnostic User Interface
  • Powerful administrative functions
  • Intuitive Boolean searches with no wildcards
  • Self-service access and request forms
  • Export and integration using MS Office products
  • Automated workflow, with user alerts
  • Role-based security, by function and data field
  • Authentication using MS Active Directory
  • Ad-hoc reports, built from a data dictionary, which can be shared or private
  • Graphic data in thumbnail and full-size views
  • Background services for large queries with user notification
  • Online Help with text, audio and video
Using our Web framework as the foundation, we can deliver your custom software solution quicker, with great stability, and the assurance that it is scalable and proven – real world tested by tens of thousands of users over many years.

Dumas Software Technologies

With over 20 years of technical experience, we have successfully delivered projects in many environments and technologies. Dumas Software offers efficient, simple Software Solutions for complex business requirements using our expertise in:

  • CICS Transaction Server
  • Web Services
  • DB2
  • IBM Mainframe
  • SQL Server/SSIS
  • VSAM
  • Oracle
  • SAP PI
  • C#, Java, HTML5, JSON, Javascript
  • Jacada
  • IBI iWay
  • American Software Systems (ASI)
Dumas Software Services: Solutions That Mean Business

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