Dumas Software Combines Technical Knowledge with Practical Experience

Dumas Software has provided software solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers and distribution companies. We have an in depth knowledge of complex business systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Organizations rely on our systems and technology to support thousands of end users every day.

We achieve great results for our clients by maintaining close alignment with business objectives and by applying our experience to each unique challenge. By deploying agile methodologies, we can demonstrate value sooner, with reduced cost and risk. We stay in step with your management and deliver practical solutions that make a real difference in business operations.

As experienced technology professionals, we understand the challenge of meeting business objectives with limited time, resources and budget. We never try to force our customers into a “one approach/one technology fits all” strategy; instead, we begin each project with a focus on the business needs and build a solution around that. We believe that business requirements should drive technology, not the other way around!

Dumas Software Combines Technical Knowledge with Practical Experience

Our team has decades of experience in both legacy and modern technology

We can develop custom, forward-looking solutions that help you transition smoothly from legacy to new technology. We can help you leverage your existing, mission critical systems while embracing innovation at the same time – seamlessly without disrupting operations.

With over two decades of industry knowledge and a veteran staff, Dumas Software has what it takes to successfully implement enterprise-wide software systems. With Dumas, you will have direct access to the CEO and Technical Lead, which results inefficient projectexecution, control and stability.

Ready to take your company’s technology forward? Dumas has your solution!