Most Important IT Development Project Questions to Ask, According to Software Services Alpharetta

Coming to the decision as a company to develop new software is a huge step, which can propel productivity, sales or many other processes that the software is intended for. Many managers, however, might have qualms about the process to develop custom software. To soothe those concerns, the experts here at Dumas Software Services Alpharetta have compiled the top questions to ask a software development company when getting started on your project.

The Top 10 Questions To Ask a Software Services Alpharetta Company

1. Will My Staff Require Training?

How user-friendly will the new software be? Ask the developer whether they anticipate the software to be accessible to all training levels of users or whether it will require training for all users. This might vary depending on how involved your needs are.

2. How Will the Software be Licensed?


There are many models and standards for software licensing. As probably the most common software across the globe, Microsoft Office does require that you purchase a license for each user; however, that is not universal for all software out there. This is an important topic to inquire about prior to development as it will impact your project at every milestone, from budgeting to ongoing support and maintenance, as new employees come in and system usage grows. Licensing requires formal financial planning on the client’s side.

3. How Secure Will the Software Be?

When talking to your software services company about your upcoming IT development project, make sure to address security and points of vulnerability. Consider ahead of time how much security you believe the software will need. The developers might also have advice regarding this topic – points that you might not have considered previously. Security is very important in software development, and many security evaluation tools are available to assist in making sure your software is appropriately secure.

4. Will It Integrate with My Existing Software?

Depending on what your needs are, your IT development project might require integration with some of your frequently used software such as back office systems, Microsoft Office, your email and calendars. Given that, having desktop and mobile access might also be a requirement for your users. If necessary for your project, ask whether your developer can integrate the new software using open standards and third-party APIs.

5. How Long Will Development Take?

Software services companies will always consider your deadline – given that it is practical and achievable. Depending on the size of the company and how in-depth your software could be, a software development project could take weeks or months. Variables of how long the project will take include: the technical requirements of the software, how much research is required, how long the architecture will take and the testing process. Keeping in mind that your software will be custom-built, the timeframe used to construct it will also be custom, varying case by case.

Software_Services_Alpharetta_Support6. Will I Get Support After?

Only trust a company that will provide support after the launch of your software. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • The software developer can provide support.
  • The software developer can train your team to overtake everyday support needs.
  • The software developer can develop new versions as needed.

Note that some support instances, such as updating to a new version, might be considered a new project. This depends on the support agreement with your software developer. Think of it this way: The operating system on your phone or computer is a newer generation, which is far more capable than those in the past. Those updated versions required design and development as well as man-hours to develop the new OS.

7. How Will a Software Services Alpharetta Company Understand My Requirements?

Each software company should have standard procedures to ensure that the requirements of the project are met. If the company you meet with does not have steps in place to confirm proper functionality, then you should seek out another software services Alpharetta company. Here at Dumas Software Services, we have a proven and established method that works with various industries and needs.

8. What Resources Will You Need from Me?

To expand on the previous point of meeting the requirements, depending on your needs, you might have to provide a few resources. This is to ensure that the product you receive perfectly fits your company’s needs. Examples of resources that might help the development process include: access to current systems for conversion of data, subject matter experts, and access to system resources at your company.

9. What Tests Will You Run to Validate the Software’s Functionality?

Depending on the complexity of your software product, various levels of software testing will be performed for quality assurance. As the project progresses, each level of testing becomes more comprehensive in nature. The testing process begins with unit testing, which is usually done by developers. Unit testing may be followed by integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, regression testing, and other types of tests to ensure the function and technical aspects of the software meet quality standards. Any quality and reputable software services company will include this as part of their development process. At Dumas, it is our responsibility to deliver bug-free software to you; we take great pride in making sure that your company can effectively put the software to use.

10. Can My Existing Software Be Redeveloped?

The process of redeveloping existing software while retaining the functionality of the system is often referred to as legacy modernization or software modernization. Most companies provide this service. If your project involves an update to an existing system rather than developing entirely new software, then legacy modernization is the route for you.

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